Sigfox Canada is now Skylink IoT Solutions!

Knowledge Base

Use the menu tabs on the left to browse our knowledge base. Here you will find a wealth of Skylink information and how-tos A device wakkes up and emits […]


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API Credential Creation

Prior to using API endpoints you have to create an API access and retrieve its credentials. Step-by-step guide Go to the¬†Group¬†tab. Navigate to your group and click on its¬†name. In […]

API Documentation

The Sigfox API documentation is available publicly or can be obtained through a dedicated endpoint. Public version The public API documentation is based on¬†standard¬†permissions (i.e.¬†Device Manager W). To browse this […]

Callback Error Logs

Problem Your IoT platform or server stopped receiving data from your device(s). Solution It might happen that your callbacks are not being transmitted correctly due a communication problem between the […]

Callback Troubleshooting

Problem My callback is not transmitting data to a third-party server / IoT platform. Solution Sigfox recommends to follow the checklist herebelow in order to troubleshoot any errors on callbacks […]

Create Custom Callback

Context This article describes custom callback creation steps. Procedure Click on the¬†Device type¬†tab. Click on the¬†name¬†of the Device type that you want to create your callback for. Click on¬†Callbacks¬†on the […]

Access Station Micro Utility

Table of Contents: ¬†1.¬† Download the Utility app 2.¬† Connect to the Access Station Micro 3.¬† Site Management 4.¬† Network Management 5.¬† Reports 6.¬† Troubleshooting You will need an Android […]

Reset or Change Your Password

This article explains how to reset your password either because you forgot it, or because you want to change it. Lost password You navigated to and you do not […]

Deleting Users from a Group

Backend workspace administrators can delete other users, only if these last have the same or lower permissions. This articles aims at describing the actions to be taken by the administrator […]

User Role Modification

Group administrators in the Backend can modify other users in their group. Procedure Go to the User section on the upper menu. Enter the Name/email of the User you want […]

User Account Creation

Upon Channel Partner Agreement (CPA) signature, Sigfox Operators create an administrator user account within the customer group. The administrator can then create additional user accounts for his colleagues. This article […]

Device and PAC ID

This article describes where to find the ID/PAC couple and how to use them How does it work? A device has a unique Identifier called Device ID. It is also related to another unique number called PAC (Porting Authorization […]

Device and Token Lifecycle

Here is a summarized description of a device lifecycle and associated token state on the Sigfox backend: 1¬†: The Replace feature is not described any further here, for additional details […]

Setting a Keep Alive Delay

A keep alive allows to us to monitor if a device is communicating at any given interval/period. This is useful for watching the device health status and to identify if the device […]

Off-Contract Device

A device appearing as off-contract is considered as not able to communicate anymore. The device might be physically communicating but its messages will not be delivered on the Sigfox Cloud. Reasons for the off-contract […]

Device Not Communicating

Problem One or more devices are transmitting messages but they are not shown within the Sigfox Backend or transmitted to your IoT platform. Solution Sigfox recommends to follow the checklist herebelow […]

User Roles

Customer roles are mostly separated into two categories: read-only write User roles are subject to inheritance (see last section). Read-only roles These roles only allow one to read information from […]

Create a new device type

Context I want to create a new device type associated to a BSS order in order to register my devices. Step-by-step guide According your user rights in the backend, you’ll […]

Register a Device

This article describes where to find the ID/PAC couple and how to use them How does it work? A device has a unique Identifier called Device ID. It is also […]

Sigfox Canada is now Skylink IoT Solutions

Why did we rebrand?

We are expanding our technology offering to better meet the needs of our customers. We will remain the exclusive provider of Sigfox technology in Canada and now will offer other connectivity solutions to ensure we meet all the needs of our customers.  

In many instances, customers are looking for multiple IoT solutions so by expanding our technology offering we can provide complimentary connectivity solutions including, Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and even other LPWAN technologies. We are focused on being the best solution provider for our customers.

How will our customers be impacted?

This is great news for our customers in Canada and the U.S. as you will have more connectivity options to best meet your business IoT requirements, and we will work closely with you to find the right solution.