Sigfox Canada is now Skylink IoT Solutions!

Customer roles are mostly separated into two categories:

  • read-only
  • write
User roles are subject to inheritance (see last section).

Read-only roles

These roles only allow one to read information from the backend. These users will be able to access most of the information but not to modify anything.

Examples of read-only roles: CUSTOMER[R], DEVICE MANAGER[R]

Read-only roles allow to:

Read a device information page, read device messages.

Write roles

Write roles are to be considered as administrator roles. They will allow accessing and modifying of all information.

These are to be granted to trusted users, regarded as administrators in your group.

Examples of read & write roles: CUSTOMER[W], DEVICE MANAGER[W]

Write roles allow to:

Register or move devices, create and edit callbacks, access a device’s PAC.

Role inheritance

If a customer has been granted a role on a group, he will inherit the same role for each and any of its child groups. Distinct and parent groups are, of course, not subject to inheritance.

Let’s take a concrete example:

 support-backend-users-groups-user roles

Optional roles

Optional roles allow adding a specific capability to an existing account. These roles are identified with the “OPT_” prefix.

Please be advised that granting only an optional role to a user will create an account that the user will not be able to use to log in.

Same goes for API accesses: it will be created but will not be able to access any resource.


Sigfox Canada is now Skylink IoT Solutions

Why did we rebrand?

We are expanding our technology offering to better meet the needs of our customers. We will remain the exclusive provider of Sigfox technology in Canada and now will offer other connectivity solutions to ensure we meet all the needs of our customers.  

In many instances, customers are looking for multiple IoT solutions so by expanding our technology offering we can provide complimentary connectivity solutions including, Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, and even other LPWAN technologies. We are focused on being the best solution provider for our customers.

How will our customers be impacted?

This is great news for our customers in Canada and the U.S. as you will have more connectivity options to best meet your business IoT requirements, and we will work closely with you to find the right solution.