Amosense is a Korean IoT device maker with decades of deep expertise and experience in manufacturing advanced material based electronic components, modules, devices and solutions for the IoT environment.  Amosense is fully committed to making great contributions to the Sigfox ecosystem and strives toward meeting and exceeding expectations of partners and customers around the world.

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T2 Logistics Tracker is designed to transmit location data from fleets, returnable containers, racks, high value equipment and vehicles.  The device also collects shock and temperature information.

Optimize routing, prevent loss and misplacements of stock and tampering within the supply chain

  • Track assets that are in transit, in warehouse, on-site, or upon delivery
  • IP67/IK10 Rated ruggedized enclosure suitable for logistics environment
  • Provides Monarch based world-wide transmission without complex data roaming agreements
  • Long battery life and geo fencing capabilities
  • Sigfox Monarch enabled, Bluetooth LE 5.0 NFC, Wi-Fi sniffing

Certification : Certified, Class 0U

Datasheet     : Amosense

Platform        : Not Specified

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