Weather Safety provided by Sigfox and Barani Design Sensors

Weather is an important part of any outdoor workplace, recently one of our Channel partners completed the installation of a Weather System in Toronto, which included Lightning detection and a series of Weather variables provided by the MeteoHelix IoT Pro by Barani Design.

The Weather stations provided by Barani Design provide details on Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Solar irradiation, and Rain levels. This information is provided to the customer dashboards at the Control Center to make decisions on the safety of outdoor workplaces. The data provided by the weather system becomes critical for effective operation, so the reliability and quality of the devices and network become equally critical.

Barani shared recently with us that one of the weather stations used by the Slovak Avalanche Service was b,uried under windblown, snowpack, for over two months at 1727 meters (5669 feet) above sea level, the unit kept tirelessly measuring and sending wireless data every 10 minutes to