Predictiv AI Inc. and Skylink Agree to Enter into Global Sales Channel and Technology Integration Partnership for ThermalPass



Predictiv AI Inc. and Skylink Agree to Enter into Global Sales Channel and Technology Integration Partnership for ThermalPass


Toronto, Canada, September 18, 2020 – Predictiv AI Inc. (TSX VENTURE: PAI) (OTC: INOTD) (FRANKFURT: 71T) (“Predictiv AI” or the “Company”),, a software and solutions provider in the artificial intelligence and industrial IoT markets, and Skylink

a wholly-owned Canadian company and exclusive licensee of the Skylink 0G technology in Canada have agreed to enter into a sales channel, distribution and technology integration partnership for Predictiv AI’s ThermalPass fever detection system

Skylink is the world’s leading Internet of Things (IoT) service provider and first global 0G network operator. The agreement will see Predictiv AI and Skylink collaborate on integrating Skylink connectivity into the ThermalPass. This will enable highly dependable data transfer through ThermalPass at a remarkably low cost on the Skylink network, which is designed to meet the requirements of mass IOT applications. This enhanced functionality will position ThermalPass to generate monthly recurring revenue by offering a multitude of enterprise scenarios.

In addition to the technology integration, Skylink will become a global non-exclusive sales distributor and will promote the ThermalPass offering to other Skylink Operators in more than 70 countries. ThermalPass is a medical grade, sensor-based temperature scanning system developed to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The Skylink global 0G network has more than 16,000,000 registered devices on the network communicating close to 1 billion messages per month.

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Predictiv AI and to have the Skylink 0G Network connectivity built into ThermalPass,” said Kent Rawlings, President and CEO of Skylink “The world is changing quickly and creating a safe environment where people gather will be critical to ensuring peace of mind for individuals. The ability to accurately capture an individual’s temperature and communicate that information in real time using the Skylink 0G Network will be a key step in the new era of safety. We look forward to distributing ThermalPass as another offering in our Smart Building solutions portfolio, and ensuring the other 70 countries, who are part of the Global 0G Network using Skylink technology, are aware of this great solution and are able to distribute the ThermalPass as well.”

Skylink is the operator of the global 0G Network using proprietary Skylink technology. Currently the communication chips capable of connecting to the Skylink network are used in over 16.2 million registered devices across 70 countries. The company has built the largest IoT ecosystem in the world, from big manufacturers to hundreds of startups and device-makers on four continents. The Skylink / ThermalPass platform will be of interest to organizations that require the capabilities and privacy that ThermalPass offers, but in low power configuration.

“TheSkylink sales and distribution channels increase ThermalPass’ revenue potential significantly, not only due their diverse and expansive customer base, but also because Skylink connectivity technology positions ThermalPass to launch and expand its services and build a monthly recurring revenue model,” said Michael Lende, President and CEO of Predictiv AI. “We are very excited to partner with Skylink so we can provide a more robust and flexible fever detection device which will help more customers, around the world, combat the spread of coronavirus.”

ThermalPass continues to work with Makel Engineering as commercial launch soon approaches. Makel works with NASA and other prolific organizations providing the highest global standard of engineering. Recent ThermalPass performance tests have confirmed the system’s reliability and consistency, paving the way for installation at high-traffic locations including supermarkets, drugstores, schools, office buildings, mass-transit stations, hospitals, long-term care facilities, movie theaters, sports arenas and more.




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About Skylink:

Skylink www.skylinkiot.cs is a 100% wholly owned Canadian Company and is the exclusive Canadian Licensee of the Skylink technology in Canada. The Skylink network launched in April of 2019 and today has coverage in every major city in all 10 provinces covering more than 15 million Canadians, and has the capability to quickly build network almost anywhere it is required in 30-60 days.



About Skylink:

Skylink is the initiator of the 0G network and the world’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) service provider. Its global network allows billions of devices to connect to the Internet, in a straightforward way, while consuming as little energy as possible. Skylink’s unique approach to device-to-cloud communications addresses the three greatest barriers to global IoT adoption: cost, energy consumption and global scalability.

Today, the network is available in 72 countries and regions, with 1.3 billion people covered. ISO 9001 certified and surrounded by a large ecosystem of partners and IoT key players, Skylink empowers companies to move their business model towards more digital services, in key areas such as Asset Tracking and Supply Chain. Founded in 2010 by Ludovic Le Moan and Christophe Fourtet, the company is headquartered in France and has offices in Madrid, Munich, Boston, Dallas, San Jose, Dubai, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo.

About Predictiv AI:

Predictiv AI Inc. is a technology company which helps businesses and organizations make smarter decisions using advanced artificial intelligence, deep machine learning and data science techniques. Its Weather Telematics Inc. subsidiary uses patented air quality monitoring sensors to provide predictive weather risk information to the insurance, logistics, fleet management and public safety sectors. The Company’s R&D division, AI Labs Inc., develops new products that solve real-world business problems. The joint venture with Commersive Solutions Corp. is developing innovative technologies for use in various public spaces, starting with the ThermalPass™ fever detection system.

The Company is not making any express or implied claims that its product has the ability to eliminate, cure or contain the Covid-19 (or SARS-2 Coronavirus) at this time.