Toronto, Canada – February 10, 2022 – Skylink, the network operator for the global 0G network Skylink, a world leading IoT (Internet of Things) communication provider, has announced its partnership with Nanolike, a leader in logistics optimization and automated supply chain. This partnership is set to improve supply chain management and create seamless integration across the entire process within the agricultural industry.

Nanolike offers an end-to-end maintenance-free fill monitoring solution with real time tracking of fill level and monitors the status of assets including temperature and product thresholds. Sensors are installed on the exterior of the asset, so they never come in contact with the product being monitored. Through eliminating the manual monitoring process, organizations can reduce their overall expenses and experience operational efficiencies while increasing their return on working capital. This also ensures that silos are refreshed and continually churning to reduce spoiling of perishable products, so they retain their shelf-life.  

By integrating Nanolike’s wireless connectivity with the Skylink 0G Network, the solution will reduce battery consumption and offer longer autonomy. The Skylink  network not only features low energy consumption, but it’s cost effective and scalable making it ideal for remote or metropolitan areas. Customers in rural areas can also benefit directly as the Skylink 0G Network is available all across Canada, even in areas lacking sufficient cellular or internet service.

“This partnership with Nanolike will ensure our customers have better visibility in their supply chain, providing better management and enhanced service to the end customer. Understanding fill levels and when product needs to be replenished without manually having to assess each silo will undoubtedly increase business efficiencies,” said Kent Rawlings, President of Skylink.  

“Partnering with Skylink opens great opportunity to allow our customer to use our maintenance-free IoT solution for more than 5 years without changing batteries. It reduces the total cost of ownership of our solution and improves the customer experience,” declares Jean-Jacques Bois, C.O.O. and co-founder of Nanolike.

About Skylink

Skylink is a 100% wholly owned Canadian Company and is the exclusive Canadian Licensee of the Sigfox technology in Canada. The Skylink network launched in April of 2019 and today has coverage in every major city in all 10 provinces covering more than 15 million Canadians and has the capability to quickly build network almost anywhere it is required in 30-60 days.

About Skylink

Skylink is a world’s leading IoT (Internet of Things) communication service provider and 0G network pioneer. Sigfox offers a unique combination of ultra-low cost and ultra-low power solutions enabled by a single global network, owned and operated by 75 Sigfox Operators, enabling businesses to gain visibility and track their assets worldwide. With more than 19 million connected devices and 75 million messages sent a day, Sigfox helps its customers to extract data at the lowest cost of production and accelerate their digital transformation in key areas such as asset tracking and monitoring.

ISO 9001 certified and supported by a strong partner ecosystem, Skylink was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Labège, France, with offices in Toronto, Boston, Dallas, Dubai, Madrid, Paris, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Tokyo.

About Nanolike

Headquartered in the South of France (Toulouse) with sales offices in Germany (Munich), Nanolike was founded in 2012 by two French engineers, Jean-Jacques BOIS and Samuel BEHAR. European leader in Industry 4.0 with its monitoring solutions to digitize and optimize the supply chain of feed bins and IBC containers, Nanolike is constantly evolving and will soon open a new entity in North America. Winner of multiple awards for innovation and an active member of the IoT Valley in Toulouse, Nanolike has recently obtained the recognition of the European Innovation Council with a grant of 2 million euros. Specialized in innovative measurement technologies and digital solutions, the company has multiplied successes on an international scale and provides complete IoT solutions to businesses in the farming, chemical and construction sectors.

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