A Smarter Supply Chain: IoT and Logistics

The goal of any logistics company is moving goods from point A to point B. Whether via air, sea, rail or ground, the transportation and logistics industry (T&L) relies heavily on the rapid exchange of information in order to get shipments to their destinations as quickly as possible.

T&L has seen the benefits of new sensor and connection technology. Using Sigfox Canada’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology solutions and global network to improve fleet management and asset tracking, the T&L industry is able to ship smarter, not harder.

The Importance of IoT in logistics – how Sigfox Canada is making this a reality

The key to success in logistics is moving the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time and price – all to the right place. With deliveries and shipments contingent on external factors like drivers, weather and re-routing, this is no simple task. As logistics companies look to overcome these obstacles to ensure just-in-time delivery and meet the needs and expectations of their customers, there is an increasing need for innovative solutions.

IoT-based solutions powered by Sigfox technology are becoming widely accepted in the industry. In a global supply chain, it becomes very challenging to have an end-to-end view. Supply Chain Managers are almost blind on some parts of the physical flows, creating instability in the supply chain, reducing planning accuracy and agility, while increasing lead-times. When using Sigfox Canada’s cost-efficient and low-energy technology, companies can leverage affordable asset tracking and transport monitoring for devices traveling around the world. With IoT asset tracking solutions, companies can completely overhaul their supply chain and logistics operations for fast, affordable and accurate deliveries.

IoT technology initiatives are ushering in a new era for the connected supply chain. Here’s how Sigfox’s global network is revolutionizing the logistics sector:

Sigfox and Michelin: IoT Technology in Intercontinental Sea-Freight Tracking

In 2010, the international liner shipping industry carried approximately

To combat these challenges, Sigfox partnered with Michelin and Argon Consulting in order to bring a real-time intercontinental tracking solution: Safecube. Designed to locate shipments and track their transport conditions (temperature, humidity, shocks, etc.) in real time, the new disruptive solution is based on Sigfox’s technology and global network. Freighters are able to track their containers from the initial warehouse to the final point of delivery, bringing operational value by reducing lead times, providing alerts about delays and ensuring appropriate transport conditions.

As a result of using Sigfox technology, Michelin believes it will reach up to 10% reduction of the on-sea inventory, 40% increase in Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) accuracy and dividing by 4 inventory ruptures caused by exceptional events like weather critical conditions.

Sigfox and DHL: IoT Technology in Package Delivery and Supply Chain Management

Deutsche Post DHL Group (DHL), the leading logistics company in Germany, estimated that IoT technologies like asset tracking solutions could create

Every day, DHL delivers about five million shipments in total. In order to process these quantities reliably, systematically meshed operational processes are indispensable. For example, the thousands of roll cages in which the parcels are moved are part of the equipment required to transport shipments in both the warehouses of large customers and the 35 DHL parcel centers throughout Germany and adjacent countries.

In order to optimize individual processes within the supply chain of DHL’s parcel network, Sigfox partnered with DHL and electromechanical device manufacturer ALPS Electric Europe GmbH to create a systematic use of networked sensors. Utilizing Sigfox technology, 250 000 of DHL’s roll cages are being fitted with smart trackers in order to provide information about their precise locations and movements.

As a result, DHL is continuing to gain transparency from these Sigfox devices and will be able to lower operational costs through better equipment management and further improvements in service quality for the company’s customers.

In the Future

As our global economy becomes more complex, the logistics and transportation industry must be at the forefront of innovation. Smart logistics solutions will remain a powerful ally in this process, giving the industry the tools it needs to remain lean and agile, creating a roadmap for success in an ever-changing world.

IoT sensors powered by the Sigfox network are making T&L more efficient than ever.